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George Separovich owns and operates Blown Motorsports. With over 30 years experience in the high performance car industry, he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to drag racing, burnouts, tough street cars and complete car restorations. Through this experience, in particular drag racing and burnouts, he has been able to experiment, test and push boundaries with various engine combinations and parts. As a result, the standard of his work and depth of knowledge on engines is second to none.


George and the team at Blown Motorsports have a passion for high performance cars and are happy to assist you. Whether that's building you dream car, engine or anything else in-between! When it comes to high performance George and the Blown Motorsports team have you covered.




Titles & Records

  • 3 x Western Nationals winner in competition eliminator.

  • Multiple national record holder - current in AA/gas and BB/gas MPH/ET 

  • Previous A/gas record holder.

  • Pro street shoot-out winner.

  • Numerous track records




George was one of the pioneers of the blown mechanical injected burnout in his HK Monaro (BLOWN68). In his first ever skid in the HK, he took out 1st place at Motivation in 2005. Following on from this he was invited to car shows throughout Australia to perform demo skids. After retiring his beloved HK he then continued to hit the pad in his blown HJ ute (NUTTR).

Moving forward George wanted to test the waters with a completely new combination. So in 2016 George started the build of his Holden VF SS (NUTTR). Not only was it his goal to keep the car looking and functioning completely original inside & out, but he wanted to run his Small Block Chev (SBC) pulled from his CC/Gas drag car and use a PSI screw blower. So in late 2017 the new (NUTTR) was ready to test. Since that time NUTTR has hit the track & pad several times which allowed George to collect vital data. This data is essential feedback which George uses to tune and modify systems if needed. In 2018, through testing and trial and error, George has made changes to the ignition & fuel system as well as the manifold & blower set-up. Moving forward to 2019 he now hopes to bring a reliable PSI skid car to the circuit!

To-date, George and the Team at Blown Motorsports have produced many outstanding blown engines in top burnouts cars (UNWANTED, STRUGLIN, COMPACT, KINGER, BLACKOUT & WONAGO) to name a few.

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